Cutting tools Ball Nose Mills

Ball Nose Mills

Ball nose mills, often known as ball end mills, are distinctly characterized by their hemispherical tips. These tools are the go-to options when the machining task calls for creating contoured shapes and intricate 3D profiles. The rounded tip ensures smooth tool engagement with the workpiece, reducing the occurrence of sharp corners and edges which might otherwise result in tool breakage or uneven cuts. As the ball nose mill traverses the workpiece, it creates a scallop pattern. The size of the scallop can be controlled by the step-over distance, with smaller step-over distances yielding finer finishes at the expense of a longer machining time. Ball nose mills are particularly useful in mold-making, aerospace, automotive, and any industry where complex geometric profiles are a requirement. When selecting a ball nose mill, the material of the tool, flute count, and coating can significantly impact its performance and longevity.

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